Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Less Bark More Wag"?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this blog.
I do plan on continuing with writing. 
A little more feed back would be great. 

Ok my command of the english language is not that good.
My grammatical knowledge, punctuation, and rhetorical analysis, could leave something to be desired. (Although I do self analyze the way I talk to myself.) 

More photos and less writing?

Leave it the way it is?

Add more writing?

Take some classes on writing, and then write?

Just photos? 

Call it good and just kayak?

I have not blogged during this time due to the high volume of Christmas cheer and family visits. Wonderfully overwhelmed with family from Colorado, and South Dakota since we don't get that much time with them.

Getting them used to the seat at a young age
Of Course we did get out and kayak some this fall and I got some great shots of reflections as well as other photos.

There have been changes in the work flow and projects that have taken the time necessary to keep on writing.

In the Art Arena
I have set up three different locations in galleries in the area for the month.
Shanks Mare in Marietta, Annex 24 in Lancaster, Artisians Market Places in York.
Also processing some larger 30x40 prints on canvas this month that I am excited to show.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Jay and Cheryl who have been in the area and on the river for many years. We met over coffee and I  got some missing details of the river history and some local knowledge. Such as Foreman rock where the Foreman family had their fishing outpost and shad weirs. 
Eskimo Pie Rock, never heard of it but i know where it is now. Jay said he would search the river for the location of the different faces on the poster. I'm sure I will be stopping to visit their cabin this coming summer and check out his totem pole carvings.

 I will resume the final writing of the Georgian Bay trip later in Janurary with more photos.

Wishing you the best of life in  the New Year to come.

Keeping my head above water.