Monday, November 29, 2010

Snake Island

The waves were a bit rough on the windward side of the island, so I paddled around to the back side and a small cove where the water was still and landing was easy. Snake Island is a rather large island in the midst of the many islands in the area.

Crossing the channel from the main land to Snake Island
I walked around the cove noticing the fire rings on the rocks and away from the tree areas. Some great camping spots with mossy ground. It looked inviting for setting up a tent and comfortable  for sleeping. The top of the island had a wonderful view of the bay.

The lee side of Snake Island

I took a swim and enjoyed the windless north side on the hot rocks. Just like a pool, the slabs of stone were large and warm after a swim. Looking at the map, I discovered the island was called Snake Island, so I thought I would look around a bit for snakes.
There were juniper trees and low-lying bushes, grassy areas and large rocky areas.  Fortunately I didn't find any snakes, but there must have been a good reason to name this island after them. Since this was the Killarney area,  St Patrick came to mind and I figured he cleaned out this area also. 

Mike and Anna crossing Collins Inlet
 I watched two other kayakers cross and land on the island, hike up the hill to the small peak where I was standing.
Looking South towards Killarney
After they saw the cove where I had landed they moved their gear to the lee side and started to set up camp. I would think that after exerting so much energy paddling that I would be hungry and ready for an evening meal. Food didn't cross my mind until Mike offered me an apple.  I stuck it away for later. That evening as I did finally camp, I found a simple thing like an apple was amazing. That was a whole meal for me that night. 

I loaded up again and headed out for Solomon Islands farther east. I was used to afternoon and evening wind dying down and expected the waters would be still in the coves behind the islands. I took some more photos of the island, said good by to Mike and Anna and headed east along the coast. I was looking forward to evening golden light and reflections of stone faces. It was about 7:00 pm and it didn't get dark till about 9:30. Plenty of time to do photograph and still set camp.
I paddled past some small rock out cropings and headed northeast along the coast still sheltered by the island.

I floated past some great campsites with more campers on other islands.  It wasn't overly isolated nor was it crowded. It was good to see some people in the area yet not too close.

The only noise were the waves and wind. I could see Solomon Island in the distant and set course for the pine tops.

Continued....  Solomon Islands?

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