Monday, May 14, 2012


Of all the photos that I have been able to catch and collect this is one of my favorites. This evenings kayak paddling had a bit of current and wind, hiding the reflection of a mirrored surface. Later in the week as we returned the water and wind were calm and the "Dreamer" appeared.

I have ventured back numerous times to try to catch the stillness and improve on the photo quality. It hasn't happened yet. The opportunities in life are much like this shot, I had one chance to catch  it in the many times I have passed by.

I enjoy the mellow, satisfied, and peaceful qualities that this image reflects. I am fascinated with natural reflections and the way that nature would offer to communicate with us if we would recognize what is before us.

I like to call the cropped version "Meditation". 
This image of contentment is a reminder to me of thinking of good things.
For a small period of time this image hung in a coffee shop over the area where the sweeteners and creamers could be added and stirred. As if this photo could speak to the satisfaction of the aroma of a  great cup of coffee.

These photos are part of the collection in the book "Faces of the Susquehanna" A photographic Study of Natural Reflections.

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