Sunday, May 20, 2012

"My Blue Headache"
  More Susquehanna Reflections

How many times have we traveled the same route out of habit and are so familiar with the surroundings that we don't allow the subtle differences to capture us?

Time of day and year can change a view of a rock. I have photographed this same rock many times and the differences between each one is striking. This is my favorite image so far of this area.
 Fall evenings can be quite, and calm, on the water. School has started and mid week activities allow for stillness and reflections. This was one of those nights. The stillness was deafening, only the sound of water dripping off the paddle could be heard, or the occasional bird in flight as it's wings beat the air.

I have this one hanging in landscape view on my living room wall at this moment in a large canvas. 
The stillness of the water brings back that amazing still evening in fall. I turn it occasionally though and enjoy the intriguing symmetry of the faces. I see more than one faces and still find something different as I walk by or happen to notice something new even though it's been there a few months.

 I haven't named this one yet and could use some help.
I would like to open a name this image contest and have you vote on the best name

If you submit a name in the comments section of this blog, I will mail a postcard of the book cover to you. ( You can email me your snail mail address).

I will collect all the names and in the future will have a vote on the most popular name.

 (Could it be MBH, the title of the post, Schwarbie?, Omar?, Jasper?,Third Eye Weeping?, My Friend Manny? Tibedauex's Big Toe?, Mrs Winters... Angry Piano Teacher?)  Ok it stirred up too much about my past already.

Me: "I'm putting em down... you picking em up?"

You: "Well Steve you just named it , didn't you?"

Me:  "No... I am ineligible to win, and I already have one of these prints anyway."

You:  "Does it come with batteries?"

Me:  "Again, No... batteries not included"

(Honestly, some of the questions I get...)

You can view the cover of the book at the top of the page or see it here.

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