Friday, May 18, 2012


There are times that you just "know" without really knowing, a sensing that something is close by but not really sure what it is. I had this intuition, that little nudge that if I stuck around this certain section of river that I would discover something amazing. I didn't move fast, in fact I circled around this area on more than one outing, looking at this rock from different distances and angles. The current would be moving pretty fast in some of this area, so I had to keep on circling back to it till I found the right spot. Then I hit it and this is it. 

 I like the name. It's strong and noble and reminds me of a gladiator anyway. 

I met this couple at an art show in Frederick Md last year before I used the name Maximus for this print. Mat and Trish the glass blowers from Muncey PA. I watched them unload their truck with Maximus in big letters on the back window, and then Mat had a tattoo of Maximus on his arm.
The story of Maximus, Mat's son, lost his battle with immune deficiency  at the very young age of six. The name fit the photo image for me and reminds me every time that we can be tough as rocks yet life is still so fragile and fleeting. 

You can check out Trish and Mat the glass artists here 

AND find more photos of the Susquehanna, as well as other locations.

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  1. I love your work, it reminds me of a some work by Dimitri although I can't remember his surname but he captures Gods in the Amazon and they are quite amazing. Do you know where I can find more work like this?