Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"The Gnome"

This is a monumental photo in my life. A reminder of the day I decided to do my work. To follow a passion. 

I had just finished reading "The War of Art" Steven Pressfield on Sunday night. The memorable passages to me were about going after what it is that you have a passion for. Following your bliss so to speak. 

I decided that day that I would do my work with a camera and a kayak. To be the revealer of nature as I see it. I took all things necessary for a days work. 

My boat, my camera, all the other gear, tools necessary to accomplish the work and lunch, after all it is my job now. I said good bye to the wife and was off to work. This time however it was at the river and in my boat.
That day I believed it and stepped into a new beginning, and met this image I call "The Gnome".

Others see "Father time" and others have commented seeing"The Pope of the River". 
I saw him from a distance and started to laugh at how this image was handed to me. I knew when I took the shot that this is what I came out here for and knew I had done my work, I could go home now, but what the heck I was already in my boat the day was early and I might as well look around some more. Nothing stepped up and shouted like this guy. 

As I was showing this image to our friend Diane, she commented on seeing the dog, the owl and the dove. Others were able to see something different than I had seen and gave me the insight. I didn't see it all at once. One day last fall as I was showing this image to someone else, I viewed it upside down and saw a different face reflection. This art keeps on giving!

Art Shows

  •  Harrisburg for the Patriot News Art Fest May 26th -May 28th Memorial Day.                         (Thank a Veteran and wave an American Flag!)

  • Three Rivers Art Show in Pittsburg PA June 1-7th
  • Manayunk Art Fest  June 23 -24th

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