Sunday, May 13, 2012

River Spirit

This is one of the most fascinating areas of the Susquehanna River. Situated south of Three Mile Island, this rocky area is a uniquely carved natural sculpture garden. On our first experience with paddling Falmouth, PA we encountered high water and most of these rocks were underwater.

 As we continued to return to the area later in the summer we were surprised and impressed with the rocks and natural sculptures that were revealed as the water lowered. How many rocks were completely eroded after the many centuries of wind and water? What did this look like 200 years ago? 50 years ago? What new sculpture will be unveiled in the next 25 years?

Falmouth is most famous for the goat races and the annual "goat drop" New Years eve. I find the natural beauty of the river is one of the most unique locations hidden away and unmentioned as a natural wonder.

Paddling through this area is like paddling through small canyons. I enjoy the textures and the ripples of smooth worn stone. I imagine the power and time it took to produce the beauty of this sculpture.
Some of my favorite sculpture pieces, We find a different perspective each time we are on the water in this area. It's like an art museum that you become familiar with, the area is familiar but the art changes with the water levels and light.

More reflectional photos found here   

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