Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Lutz
I remember the time I captured this reflection. I was with my friend, Joel Diffendarfer. We were working together  and took off early one fall afternoon to hit the river with our kayaks. The amazing afternoon of fall colors. A warm late afternoon turning into cool evenings. I had been clicking the shutter and not able to take stock of all the pics I had gathered.
Darkness fell as we pulled off the water and loaded up the boat. On the drive home Joel took the  camera and flipped through the days events. He pulled this one up in the view finder as we crossed the bridge.
This photo reminds me of a friend, Deter Lutz.
Besides being a great guy, amazing friend, and quite a great singer / songwriter, I think Deter has a similar smile and so I thought it appropriate to name this image  " The Lutz".

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